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Our Services

Welcome to Marama Hou Ministries, where we are dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals and communities through our various outreach and empowerment programs. 


Gardening Classes

A hands-on experience in cultivating green spaces. Learn essential techniques, from planting to pruning, as our expert instructors guide you through the art and science of gardening. Discover the joy of nurturing plants and creating your own vibrant, thriving garden.

Hire Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Indulge in the refreshing delight of Hawaiian shaved ice at your next event! Our mobile service brings the tropical goodness to you, offering a customizable array of vibrant, finely shaved ice topped with a variety of flavorful syrups. Whether it's a summer party, corporate event, or wedding, our Hawaiian shaved ice adds a burst of color and tropical flair, providing a cool treat that's both delicious and memorable for your guests. Elevate your event with this sweet and icy sensation that captures the essence of the Hawaiian islands.

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Waiuku Health Centre

Waiuku Health Centre and Maramahou Ministries collaborate to enhance community healthcare by pooling their resources and expertise. This partnership focuses on integrating medical care with supportive community services, ensuring a holistic approach to health and well-being. Their combined efforts lead to more accessible and comprehensive care, benefiting the local community through a synergy of medical proficiency and compassionate outreach. This service is available every Tuesday from

10am -1:30pm. Contact 0800 252672

Our Programmes

Marama Hou Ministries provides a variety of programs focused on empowering the community and developing skills. These include a thorough first aid training program, a course on food safety and handling certification, and an initiative to establish community gardens. They also offer assistance in obtaining learner's driver licenses, promoting both community growth and individual independence. These programs are tailored for individuals aged 14 to 23. Please note in order for these programmes to run we need a minimum of 7 people.

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Community Play Groups

Marama Hou Ministries hosts engaging playgroups every Monday from 3 PM to 4:30 PM, creating a fun and supportive environment for kids to interact, play, and develop social skills. Join us for these exciting sessions, where children can enjoy activities designed to foster growth and friendship in a vibrant community setting.

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Kai Aid

If you are needing assistance with kai. Please reach out to us. Our catchment area is

Waiuku, Awhitu, Puni, Pokeno.


Criteria. Photo ID, Phone and Proof of address.


The Food Kai Aid is open Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am to 12pm.

Contact 0800 524 243

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