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Our Programmes

Welcome to Marama Hou Ministries, where we are dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals and communities through our various outreach and empowerment programs. 


Community Gardens

Community gardens are vibrant, shared spaces where people come together to cultivate a variety of plants, primarily focusing on vegetables and herbs. These gardens foster a sense of community and collaboration, as individuals from diverse backgrounds contribute their time and effort to plant, maintain, and harvest the produce. Participants often share in the bounty of fresh, organically grown vegetables, benefiting from the healthy and locally-sourced produce. Additionally, community gardens serve as educational hubs, teaching sustainable gardening practices and promoting environmental stewardship. They often become social gathering points, strengthening community bonds and providing a peaceful retreat in urban settings.

Kete Toru Programme

The Tohu Toru programme is a comprehensive initiative designed to assist individuals in obtaining essential certifications and skills. It offers guidance and resources to help participants acquire their learner driver's licence, providing a foundational step towards safe and legal driving. In addition to driving skills, the programme includes first aid training, equipping individuals with vital emergency response techniques. It also offers food certification courses, ensuring participants understand food safety and handling protocols, essential for those pursuing careers in the food industry or managing food-related tasks.

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Learners Drivers Licence

The learner licence training program is a detailed course aimed at equipping new drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and responsible driving. It covers essential topics such as road rules, vehicle control, and traffic awareness, preparing individuals for the theoretical and practical aspects of driving. This program is a critical first step for anyone beginning their journey towards becoming a licensed driver.

First Aid Training

The first aid program is a comprehensive training course designed to teach individuals essential life-saving techniques and emergency response skills. Participants learn how to handle a variety of medical emergencies, including injuries, cardiac events, and other urgent health situations. This program is crucial for enhancing public safety and equipping people with the confidence and competence to provide effective first aid in critical moments.

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Food Certification

The food certification training program provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills in food safety and handling, essential for those in the culinary and food service industries. It focuses on hygiene practices, contamination prevention, and proper food storage techniques, ensuring compliance with health standards and enhancing food quality.

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