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Terms & Conditions

Stallholder Terms and Conditions

1. The organisers are not liable for any damage or loss to a stall property, personal
property or entrant/person at any time.
2. Once your application has been accepted you will be advised by email. All Stalls
are free at no cost. Donations can be made to Marama Hou Ministries Trust BNZ 02
0404 0212309 00.
3. Marama Hou Ministries Trust reserves the right to refuse stalls which do not fit
with this event and to place stalls in locations that work for the event.
Food vendors using environmentally friendly packaging will be given priority.
4. All Stalls to be set up by 8am and vehicles will be directed by a marshal wearing a
high visibility jacket will direct you to designated site.
5. This is a Zero waste event supported by Auckland Council and we are obligated to
keep waste to a minimum. All vendor's, to use environmental packaging and utensils
must be fully compostable to be able to attend this event.  Recyclable drink cans &
bottles are fine.  The use of paper bags rather than single use plastic bags is

required. Information on acceptable packaging is provided to all vendors prior to the
event. If you will be using different packaging to the options provided, please advise
us immediately so we can ensure it will comply. Stall holder packaging will be
checked for compliance on site.  We appreciate your co-operation with Auckland
Council’s waste minimisation plan.
6. All food vendors must hold a current food trade license and comply with Auckland
Council food safety regulations, as provided by event organisers to all food vendors,
prior to the event. Licenses and compliance will be checked on site.
7. All vehicles operating within the market area must have their hazard lights on at all
times and limit speed to 5km/ph
Stall holders will have parking facilities near their stall site. To assist with congestion
please unload quickly and then park.
All stall holders must be unloaded and parked in designated area according to stall
map provided/ marshal's instruction by 9am.
8. Stallholders are required to have adequate ropes and weights to secure
gazebos/tents to keep structure safe for all weather conditions.
Any gas bottles or generators taken onsite must be certified, safe and comply with
Auckland Council regulations, as supplied to registered stall holders prior to the
event. Gas bottles are to be placed at least 1.5 meters away from an ignition source,
electrical equipment, plugs, naked flame and generators. If using a powered site
(these are limited) safety RCD devices must be used and all power cords
/connections are to be kept safe from the public and safety covers to cover any
power leads on the ground. Power connections, gas bottles and generators will be
checked for compliance on site.
9. All stalls must be set up ready for trading by 930am. Trading must cease by
Stalls will need to pack down and have vacated the Hamilton Estate Park by 3pm in
clear of public.
Please note you cannot leave the event area until after 230pm and only when
permitted by a marshal/traffic controller. All parties must adhere to this for health
and safety reasons.
10. Please leave your space in the same condition it was found, and be mindful to
take all your rubbish and food waste away with you. DO NOT add stall rubbish to the
event bins or town rubbish bins. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions
may result in your being excluded from future events.
We appreciate your co-operation and thank you for taking part in this event.


Contact Grace van den Brink/ 0272557316

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